Gain Confidence In Expressing
Your Childfree Lifestyle!

Choosing the no-kids lifestyle? Join global childfree advocate LeNora Faye in this candid, motivational LIVE webinar. All genders welcome.

Whether you are exploring the idea of not having kids or are decidedly childfree and feel shy about speaking up, this live webinar will leave you feeling encouraged and inspired to embrace your chosen lifestyle.

Since 2018, LeNora Faye (She/They) has created and moderated public and private platforms where childfree individuals can discuss significant issues such as cultural pressure, navigating relationships, and aging.

This two-hour live webinar features a keynote speech by LeNora Faye, resources and tips, and an audience Q&A. 

This event is in a private Zoom setting and is open to all genders.


Believe it or not, I used to be shy about my childfree choice. I couldn’t even stand up to a relative who grilled me about my reproductive choices while at my grandmother’s funeral! At the time, I was in my early 30s. I remember feeling so angry with myself for not speaking up. I felt rejected. 

Since becoming a public advocate for choice awareness, my life has opened up to greater career opportunities, friendships, and even potential romance. The confidence I gained from speaking on podcasts, livestreams, and in-person events has also helped me open up about my sexuality and racial identity. Now, at 40, I don’t hide any parts of myself. Do you know how freeing that is?

During this webinar, we’ll discuss the balance of having a thick skin while being open about our desires to be childfree and how this can benefit you in all areas of your life. 

I cannot wait to see you there!