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How to annoy a childfree by choice person

How many times has this been said to you?  

Or if you're a man, "Wait until you mean the right gal!"


Tell me what comment irritates you the most. 


Professional Aunt No Kids

 Meet my two nephews, Bob and Fred. 

Being childfree by choice does not mean you have to hate kids-FYI

I believe it's important to be supportive of children's hopes and dreams. After all, they will one day turn into adults and the world needs better adults! 

My nephews Bob and Fred-Videos

That time my oldest nephew told me he wanted to be a flogger-True story.

When you ask a child for help..

My nephew's negotiating skills... also based on a true story. 

Childfree Expert-Laura Carroll

 The Childfree Girls had the chance to interview author and childfree lifestyle expert Laura Carroll, and we had such a great time that we decided to release this video a lot earlier than planned!  

On this special episode, join the Childfree Girls as we chat with Laura Carroll about her work and her experience. 

We also asked her what she thought of the use of the term "childfree" (should it be banished for good?), and she gave us great insight.

Childfree Girls Trailer

A web series for the childfree community. 

Negative Pregnancy Test-Commercial

Congratulations! It's a negative pregnancy test result!! 

We decided to create a commercial that is accurate for the childfree community. 

The Mothers Even Mothers Hate

Check out our hilarious Halloween episode where we spoof on mothers even mothers hate. 

Interview with a mother

Natalie Fikes is a relationship coach who caused some controversy online. We invited her on our show to have a discussion which took a surprising turn about motherhood.  

Hold onto your chair for this one!

Birth control & abortion

 Episode 7 of the Childfree Girls vlog is a discussion most of us have had with our female friends: how to NOT get pregnant.

And if I do, can I have access to abortion?  

Join us as we compare the abortion legislation in the US, Canada, and Colombia, and we discuss safe sex and birth control. 

Interview with an antinatalist!

Such a fantastic interview about anti-natalism & efilism. 

Is being childfree selfish?

Short answer, no! 

Love & romance-as childfree women

Married (3 times), dating, single & happy. We discuss all three perspectives in this episode. 

Pronatalist Privilege

 Jody Day inspired us to talk about this subject after we read a quote from her presentation at FertilityFest 2018:

"Pronatalist privilege shares its systemic structure with all other forms of isms, including sexism and racism. It's a way of seeing the world from a privileged vantage point, elevated above others, and nearly always conferred without effort." 

 It's not an easy conversation, it's certainly not black and white, so it's still food for thought. 

Childfree Parenting?!

 On our second episode, the Childfree Girls discuss Parenting by Circumstance or, as Kris likes to call it, Childfree Parenting. 

 "What does this mean?", we hear you ask. 

Well, watch our video to find out!  And, after you do, can you tell us what you think? 

We want to hear your opinion!   Send us an email with your comments to childfreegirls@gmail.com.

Childfree Girls Episode 1

Should Old People Have Babies?

Childfree Girls-- A web series for the Childfree Community.

Meet the Childfree Girls-Isabel, Kristen & LeNora

IGTV-The Bitchy Bookkeeper series

Episodes 1-11

IGTV-Candid discussions on the issues that come with being childfree by choice.  UPDATE: As of August 1, 2019, you can see me on the Childfree Girls web series.

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