How to annoy a childfree by choice person

How many times has this been said to you?  

Or if you're a man, "Wait until you mean the right gal!"


Tell me what comment irritates you the most.

Professional Aunt No Kids

 Meet my two nephews, Bob and Fred. 

Being childfree by choice does not mean you have to hate kids-FYI

I believe it's important to be supportive of children's hopes and dreams. After all, they will one day turn into adults and the world needs better adults! 

My nephews Bob and Fred-Videos

That time my oldest nephew told me he wanted to be a flogger-True story.

When you ask a child for help..

My nephew's negotiating skills... also based on a true story. 

Childfree Girls-- A Vlog for the Childfree Community.

I've co-created a new conversational style vlog with two other childfree women. 

Kristen (USA) &  Isabel (Colombia)

Childfree Girls Episode 1

Should Old People Have Babies?

IGTV-The Bitchy Bookkeeper series

Episodes 1-11

IGTV-Candid discussions on the issues that come with being childfree by choice.  UPDATE: As of August 1, 2019, you can see me on the Childfree Girls vlog.

Episode 1-  Confidently Childfree

Episode 2- Childfree by choice, what matters to you is important.

Episode 3-Dealing with Family Members.

Episode 4- Celebrate Your Success

Episode 5-Random Childfree Road Trip Part 1

Episode 6- Random Childfree Road Trip Part 2

Episode 7-The Auntie Life

Episode 8-Childfree Activism

Episode 9 - Birth Control Part 1 

Episode 10- Birth Control Part 2 

Episode 11-Childfree dreams and dealing with setbacks 

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