Overcome debilitating anxiety when it comes to managing social media! Whether you are wellness influencer with an established online platform or an up-and-coming blogger who needs more social media practice, you will develop a new level of confidence along with the beliefs and habits to achieve your marketing goals and build a strong community! 

My Story

I began my social media journey in 2018 to promote my new blog about choosing not to have kids. As you can imagine, this topic is subject to a TON of negative comments. My heart would race each time I’d make a post.

One of my podcast co-hosts loves to banter with online trolls, so I began tagging her each time I received a negative comment. While it helped to have that backup, I still felt uneasy. I wanted that confidence to respond in a way that entertained my followers and not take the comments personally.

Impossible right?

Actually, not at all!!

After some trial and error and several pointless arguments, I found my groove. And then, one of my posts went viral on TikTok. Five thousand comments later, how glad was I to have developed the skill of Troll Marketing?!

I’ve since gone on to co-create the niche marketing company Childfree Media Ltd.  and Childfree Convention, which is an annual global event now in its third year.

Best of all, I’m able to take my passion for advocacy work to new levels online without major anxiety! 



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Together, we’ll create a peace-of-mind social media strategy.

I know what it feels like to pour your heart and soul into something you’ve created only to have it ripped apart by negativity. While we cannot control how people react to our content, we can choose how we respond. We can either shut down and quit, or we can learn how to turn that negativity into something constructive that benefits our creation, our passion, and the community we serve! 


Once you enroll, you and I will meet (virtually) on a day and time that works with your schedule. From there, we deep-dive into your current social media, blog, website, and anywhere else you are dealing with negativity. You will learn best practices for developing content that aligns with your brand’s vision, and is easy to maintain. If you need help developing brand clarity, we’ll explore that too. 

Your passion deserves to be expressed, and your message deserves a supportive audience!

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Additional inquiries can be made to INFO at LENORAFAYE dot com 

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