About LeNora Faye

Inspired by her choice not to have children and the pressures from society that followed, LeNora began advocating for individuals of all genders who don’t have children by choice or circumstance. What started as a blog in 2018 has evolved into Childfree Media Ltd., which produces an annual global event —Childfree Convention (virtual), and is the leadership team behind International Childfree Day (August 1st).

LeNora’s work has connected with individuals and groups worldwide, including countries such as India and Russia, where this conversation is dangerous. Due to the sensitivity of this topic, LeNora creates and moderates a respectful space where the audience can ask questions, share insights, and explore ideas. She begins by sharing her journey as a 40-year-old woman without kids. She also includes her experiences as a Bi-racial, Queer woman born and raised in a secret sect.

LeNora’s ability to connect with a diverse audience and encourage each individual to embrace who they are leaves a lasting impact.

“We loved having LeNora moderate our post-screening panel for My So-Called Selfish Life. The choice to be childfree can be a heavy and uncomfortable subject for some, and LeNora created a warm and open atmosphere that really engaged our reproductively-diverse audience.”

From 2019-2022, LeNora was a co-host of the international podcast and web series, Childfree Girls. She produces many of the podcast series for the Childfree Media podcast, including a solo show called, Said the 40-Year-Old-Woman with No Kids.

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