A paperback journal designed for the childfree community. Created by a childfree-by-choice woman who is an avid journaler. The Bitchy Bookkeeper Journal offers a space, offline, to express thoughts, dreams, &/or frustrations. Or for grocery lists. 139 (double-sided) pages, lined, with inspiring watermark. Featured throughout are an additional 11 pages with unique quotes and personal insights about choosing to not be a mother. 5″ X 8″, discreet, easy to write in. This journal will entertain and inspire those who are seeking to live life on their own terms. 

Childfree Girls’ COMFORT FOOD FOR THOUGHT features over 100 humorous, pointed, motivational, inspirational, and comforting thoughts, facts, and responses to “bingos,” as well as some of the Childfree Girls’ favorite memes from their Instagram account. And what would a book with “comfort food” in the title be without a few bonus comfort-food recipes? (Supplied by LeNora, a prolific home cook who, from Canada, makes stomachs rumble all the way in Colombia -Isabel, and the US-Kristen.)