*Childfree *Fancy Free*
*Living Fully to 95*

About Me-childfree, fancy free, living fully.

The beginning


Just a small-town girl born and raised in Northern Alberta. Musical and curious about everything worldly.

 I was raised by two parents who followed a religious lifestyle with no name--a very humble upbringing which I did not fit into very well. 

I wanted to sparkle. 

The Present

LeNora Faye, creator of The Bitchy Bookkeeper: a childfree brand.

I am a violinist turned creator of 

The Bitchy Bookkeeper

~a brand that supports the childfree and

 pro-choice communities.

I write to entertain using my real-life experiences.


I write about my childfree-by-choice lifestyle (choice to be childless) because this is an important life decision.

 Many people succumb to the pressure to procreate.

By sharing my insights, this may encourage others to make an informed choice for themselves. 

I also love talking about money and celebrities. 

Currently residing in Southern Alberta. 

Mission Statement

Give me blue skies, blue oceans, and the childfree lifestyle.

The Bitchy Bookkeeper is designed for women worldwide who struggle with the idea and expectation of motherhood. 

Created to entertain, support, and inspire the childfree and pro-choice communities.