“We loved having LeNora moderate our post-screening panel for My So-Called Selfish Life. The choice to be childfree can be a heavy and uncomfortable subject for some, and LeNora created a warm and open atmosphere that really engaged our reproductively-diverse audience.”

About LeNora


Born and raised in Alberta, Canada, LeNora Faye is a lifestyle advocate who creates global awareness initiatives for people choosing not to birth/have, or raise children .

“Childfree” is a term to describe the lifestyle CHOICE. 

“Childless” is the term used for those who wanted children but cannot have them or are trying to have children. 

Inspired by an incident at her grandmother’s funeral where a relative insisted that having children was inevitable for her, LeNora’s public advocacy work began with a blog in 2018. She then co-created the international podcast and web series Childfree Girls in 2019.

In 2020, LeNora co-founded Childfree Convention, an annual virtual event for the global childfree-by-choice community. This led to the creation of Childfree Media Ltd., a platform that produces and presents Childfree Convention, and serves as leadership for International Childfree Day (August 1st)

When LeNora is not deep in conversation about life choices, you can find her road tripping through the mountains, lounging at the Cineplex VIP Theatre, or in her kitchen cooking with cheese.

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